About The lad


I'm Mark Baldwin though i've been going by Silly Beggar since i bought the domain back in 2010. Back then I was young and stupid and didn't realize how tactless that name was but hey I got the domain and you didn't. 

I've been working in comedy. "Working" sounds like I was being paid. I weren't. Nobody even knew I was alive and that was fine. I'd do a lot of animation work, live shows and some video stuff. It's hard to motivate yourself when you're on the Dole but I got enough done and learned a fuck-ton.

I'd like to think of writing being my major thing I want to do. And I guess I still do. I do as much of everything now and anything that needs doing to get an idea out there.

I wrote an Animated Sitcom called Ends Meet for RTÉ 2 that you'll likely have never heard of. Which is a shame cause it took about 3 years to make. Let me know if ya have or want to see it. 

Anyway now I'm back to making Zines.

Hope you enjoy.