The Silly Beggar Podcast Empire is a series of EXCELLENT podcast pilots. Each week we'll have a brand new show. Each one hosted by me. If anyone wants to fund a series of any of the pilots let us know. We're very open to ca$h and mon€y. 

The Silly Beggar Podcast Empire is based out of the Dublin, Ireland. But sure who knows where we'll be by next year? Probably in the now redundant fm104 building. If there's enough time to get the lynx smell out of the booths I'd be well up for that.

For corporate opportunities please contact my MAMager (mammy/ manager).

All the best



About The lad


I'm Mark Baldwin though i've been going by Silly Beggar since i bought the domain back in 2010. Back then I was young and stupid and didn't realize how tactless that name was but hey I got the domain and you didn't. 

I've been working in comedy. "Working" sounds like I was being paid. I weren't. Nobody even knew I was alive and that was fine. I'd do a lot of animation work, live shows and some video stuff. It's hard to motivate yourself when you're on the Dole but I got enough done and learned a fuck-ton.

I'd like to think of writing being my major thing I want to do. And I guess I still do. I do as much of everything now and anything that needs doing to get an idea out there.

I'm writing, directing, acting on a full length Animated Sitcom called Ends Meet for RTÉ 2 and that's been a fucking ride. 

I'm starting this Podcast Empire so I can have the chats with funky and creative people. 

Hope you enjoy.