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Over the last two or so years I’ve been working on something. I work on a lot of somethings and a lot end up being farts in the wind. But that’s the way she goes, I guess. And when I say “work” I don’t mean paid or professional. I’ve just sat at a pc or notebook and tried to make something out of nothing using my brain. I love doing it, it’s what I’ve always done and can’t help myself from doing. School was always about day dreaming and scribbling in the gutters of my books. The reveal at hand is something different for me. It’s a game. And that game is called Dole Quest.

Dole Quest is an RPG where you play as a lad with little on the horizon but plenty of shit he has to do.

Too often RPGs (role playing games) have you role play as some hero in a fantastic world of magic and wonderment and fantastical blah-de-blah. In Dole Quest you assume the role of a guy, Howard, in a world stripped of magic, hope and opportunity: Modern Day Ireland. Who wants to cast spells when they can apply for jobs that aren’t hiring? Why converse with mages when you can get grilled by your family because your life is going nowhere? Forget battling monsters when you can battle your crippling depression and self worth?

Do I need to say more? I’d say so as there’s much more to Dole Quest than I’m letting on. Two years of scrabbling around so far and still tons more work on my plate to have it ready for release. The plan is to release it by the end of 2020 on PC and mobile. Although that’s being generous. It still might be longer as Game Development is new to me and the chances are great that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. But hey, it’s clear there’s no work for me out there unless I make it myself.

I’ll go more into the development and the inspirations behind it as the weeks snowball towards its release. I’m very excited about it and am enjoying the workload. There’s always something to do each day, modeling characters or environments, writing and coding quests or building systems. I’m trying too to play through games each week that I’ve always wanted to play but have put off, which is why I’ve been doing those write-ups as a way to get my thoughts in a row. Someday, someone somewhere might actually read them. It may even be you.

So to restate Dole Quest is a PC and Mobile RPG set in the wasteland of modern Ireland aiming to be released by the end of 2020. Put that in your calendars.

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  1. Good luck lad. A few years ago oddly enough I was making a game called Dole Quest (which led me to this page). It’s amazing how many game mechanics you can extrapolate from unemployment and general NEET life. Mine was more of a parody platformer; you played as a stereotypical unemployed young adult, as I was at the time. Goals in the game were loosely based on self improvement (as well as getting to the job centre in time).

    Looking forward to the game.

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