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We’ve asked the public what THEY think of justice, here’s what they had to say that was legible

They say justice is blind yet why do I always get caught sleeping during my court cases?

If we want to clean up the crime on the streets than we have to “clean” up the streets. I’m talking flower boxes, painted barrels and life-affirming graffiti. And better still if we outlaw frowns and moping than these ne’er-do-wells will have no choice but to be positive members of society. And then we all prosper

There’s always justice under my watch. I’m an indie, new rave DJ from 2007-2009 and the hit D.A.N.C.E by the French dance duo Justice is a bankable mainstay of my set.

Our system of justice is based on the foundations laid by Plato. Come on. Why is some dusty-footed faffer in a toga having a say that I can’t park outside a hospital? Can we get a grip here?

When I was eight my bike got stolen. I never got it back. Justice was no where to be seen for forty years. As a result I had no qualms with shooting my neighbour’s barking dog last night

The Judge I had was banging a mallet calling for “order”. I was aghast. I banged my knife and fork on the table in Nando’s waiting for my order once and was quickly told by my date that my behaviour was “out of line”. I’m not asking for much but equality

They say illegally downloading movies is illegal. Well I think Hollywood pretending that life has happy endings is more illegal

When I look up at cranes and rooftops these days and see nothing I’m warmed. No longer are there middle aged men in cheap superhero costumes with banners to see their kids. It worked, the fathers got their justice. No more will kids grow up with out Daddy in their lives. Just goes to show we’re not so bad a species after all. Or the security are extra vigilant for men with spider-man suits trying to get access to the top floors. It’s one or the other

I was at a pub ordering a whisky on the rocks and the bar lass asked did I want a whiskey with justice. I welled up. My grand-father (a drinker) had been shot nine times in Hitler’s war and we’ve never received as much as a “soz” from any serving German Chancellor. It just goes to show that you never should give up hope. My wife then explained that she meant a “whiskey with just ice” as opposed to one with a mixer. I prefer my version of events.

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