The Scrag – Daft Monthly Zine

The Scrag is a daft zine.

20 pages of trite drivel and daft dreck that you can get delivered to your door every month.

The Technocrats may have plunged print media into a death spin but I for one still fondly remember what paper felt like. There was something simple about turning a page, the risk of a paper cut or scanning your eyes to the end of a story to spoil it for yourself. Magazines were for lying on the sofa, sitting on the toilet or displaying to visitors on your coffee table. The Scrag can fill that gap that’s already been filled a thousand times over by the superphone in your pocket.

So what is The Scrag? I had previously had a three-issue run that I only sold at markets in 2018 but this is an all-new relaunch as a monthly subscription. To give an idea of what features, stories and scraps will fill the pages I’ll share some from the original run. Though this Patreon series will be ALL NEW NONSENSE!