Ugly People’s Opinions on: Chemical Warfare

I aspire to write headlines and I think there could be something there with “in our mist/ midst”. It’ll come to me fully once I see the photos.

I’d be all for it. I was the best in my swimming class at holding my breath so the gas will have no affect on me.

Poison gas has the potential to kill thousands of people although it’s very imprecise and requires a lot more testing. I think they should release clouds at Ed Sheeran concerts to get a better gauge of what it can do. With snipers on stand by should some be immune.

My major worry would be all those hard working workers in the Bullet Factories being put out of a job.

We could use it for good too. Fly a crop-duster over the disadvantaged area and spray them with Omega 2 andt Cod Liver Oil and watch them become hard working entrepreneurs.

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