I've been doing all manner of shite in all me lives so far.

stupid planet.png

Stupid Planet

This is a type of sketch show made for the excellent off the cuff audio clippings from the lads (Brian Sean Luke). Made in Feb 2019

silly beggar shorts.png

Silly Beggar Shorts

These are some shorts that I made from scratch. Animating, voicing, writing etc. The music tho is done by Activites. And there was a few where I had my pals come in for recording and improv. They're usually credited on the videos but the mob is usually Brian Sean Luke. Great eggs the lot of them.



These is the full length show I'd been working on for the 3 years. These are on the RTÉ player (which is only available in the Republic of Ireland unfortunately). I wrote these and Gareth Lyons, Pink Kong and proper talented animators and artists wereon board so that's why it looks miles better than me previous daft shorts. The "mob" was involved for voices and improv. It aired on feb 2018.

truth detective.png

Mark Baldwin - Truth Detective

This is part of my stumble through Live Action. It's a show about the paranormal. I did the whole thing myself even setting up the camera on a table and recording myself. It was fun to do and although the camera work is all off (cause the camera man wasn't there) and there was some good eggs on this too.